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We all know that changing income streams are affecting many UK charities. Maintaining the quality of support, whilst handling the challenge of change is a major problem.

At the same time, UK business is also affected by the changing economic climate and the demands placed upon it by an increasingly competitive global economy.

A View From The Hill believes that charities, individuals and business can achieve more by working together.

Our vision is to help foster mutually beneficial partnerships, achieved through a mixture of networking, training and day events.

We invite all charities and community groups to attend our free and informal networking meetings, where you have the chance to meet other talented individuals with skills as diverse as marketing and pr, through to finance, change management and legal…all of whom want to help you.

At every event, we ask all charities to list the skills they need, or the issues that they want to solve. Similarly, all potential volunteers list what skills they have to offer. You can also click here to download our Charity Issues form, to provide us with a bigger picture of the challenges your organisation is facing.

There are no commitments to match with a volunteer, or maximum/minimum time commitments.

New Partnerships
If you have been working with volunteers as a result of our networking events, you can click here to download our Record of Volunteering form. It’s a nice way to formally recognise their contribution and it also tells us how you’ve benefited from our events.

Please send all completed forms to Victoria: victoria@aviewfromthehill.co.uk